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PAKCAN Driving School Inc. is one of the best driving school in Richmond, Vancouver and Burnaby areas offers driving lessons for class 5, 7 & 4 (restricted). We are a ICBC certified driving school, Our Instructor has more then 18 years of professional driving experience in lower mainland.

ICBC Certified

Certified instructor with 20+ years of professional driving experience.

Best Rates
Best Rates

We offers best rates in the market.


Learn Driving in English, Punjabi, Hindi & Urdu Language

Female Instructor

Female driving instructor now available.

Why Pakcan Driving School

  • Result oriented learning lessons
  • ICBC Certified Instructor
  • Best Rates in the market
  • Free Pick n Drop
  • Rental Car Available for Road Test
  • Multilingual in English, Hindi, Punjabi & Urdu Languages

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Top rated driving school in Richmond

I passed my class 5 road test by training driving lessons with Mr.Khurram who has full of driving regulations knowledge and awesome guidance. He is not teaching how to drive but he is coaching the right ways of safely driving on the road and guiding to become a confident person while driving. I would definitely 100% recommend to take driving training lessons with Pakcan Driving School. Trust me, you will become a great driver with more confident. Cheer!

Just took a warm up session prior to the road test and it was good enough to pass the test. I appreciate my instructor.

As soon as I received my ICBC Knowledge Exam Results on a Saturday, I tried to book a Class 5 Road Test 2-3 weeks after so I can at least prepare/practice but there were no more open. A lot of slots got freed up for Monday-Wednesday, probably because you won’t get charged if you cancel 3 days before your Road Test. The next available schedule would be 30-45 days, so I said to myself, you’re going to take the Driving Exam anyways you might as well take it now and if I fail, my next available schedule is next month, at least I would know my mistakes. We have no car yet and from the other blogs, they are saying that you could use the Driving School’s car. (1hr Mock Road Test and free use of the car for the Actual Road Test) While browsing, I found Packan to be decent and of course have high ratings. So I called the number here and asked if they are free on Wednesday. I paid Tuesday and we met Wednesday 2 hrs before my Road test. It’s a driving school car, with an extra removable steering wheel on the passenger side with lots of mirrors which also helped me. Since he’s been doing this for more than 14+ years, you would see a very confident instructor and he is! He told me a lot of stuff that made me even more nervous. Things that I would need while on the Road Test. He emphasized the SHOULDER CHECKS. Parking on a curb, Turning left, etc.. I made a couple of mistakes even for an experienced driver myself which greatly helped. After the Mock Road Test, we went to ICBC office, Nervousness lessened, confidence upped a bit. Passed the ICBC Road Test on Take 1. Can’t recommend Packan enough. Highly Recommended!! Thank you!

Very nice experience. And the teacher was really helpful and ice. Just have one 1.5hour lesson at morning, then passed class4 road test at noon in the same day. Strongly recommended!

Had an amazing experience with Mr Khurram. He made me practice all the road test routes possible, explained all my questions as well as shared all tricks, skills and knowledge which was necessary to pass the road test. Highly recommended.

Passed my class 7 test on my first try. Ambar made me confident in my driving and helped me learn parking in a short amount of time. Before taking lessons I had never done backwards or parallel parking but I am now an expert, thanks to Ambar. PakCan driving school is an excellent choice. They accommodated me by scheduling my lessons on short notice. Ambar showed me all the test routes and explained everything in a clear and calm manner. 10/10 experience, I would recommend to everyone to take lessons with PakCan.

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