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I recently completed driving classes with Ambar as my instructor, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the experience. From start to finish, Ambar exhibited exceptional patience and professionalism, making the learning process not only informative but also enjoyable. One of the standout qualities of Ambar is her patience. She understands that each student learns at their own pace and never once did I feel rushed or pressured during our lessons. Her calm demeanor and reassuring presence made me feel comfortable behind the wheel, even during challenging maneuvers or tricky situations on the road. What truly sets Ambar apart is her attention to detail. She left no stone unturned in ensuring that I grasped every aspect of driving, from basic maneuvers to more complex techniques. Whether it was parallel parking, navigating through busy intersections, or understanding traffic laws, Ambar took the time to thoroughly explain and demonstrate each concept until I felt confident in my abilities. Furthermore, Ambar's teaching style is highly effective. She employs a hands-on approach, allowing me to actively practice driving while providing constructive feedback along the way. Her clear instructions and insightful guidance helped me improve my skills with each lesson, ultimately preparing me for success on the road. Overall, I highly recommend Ambar as a driving instructor to anyone looking to learn how to drive or improve their driving skills. Her patience, attention to detail, and effective teaching methods make her an invaluable asset in the realm of driver education. Thanks to Ambar, I not only passed my driving test but also felt confident and safe behind the wheel.

100% recommend getting your lessons here. My instructor Ms. Ambar was amazing and everything she taught me was spot on. I only had 2 lessons with her and I passed my test on the first try!

Excellent Teacher. His teaching way is very clear and effective. Highly recommended 👌

I highly recommend Pakcan Driving School. Mr. Khurram guided well, to get the Class 5 driving licence.

The best instructor ever. I recommend everyone to learn from this.

Incredible attention and detail to the material in the road test. Great instruction and got me prepared after a two hour lesson on the day before the test. Highly recommend!

It was a truly positive experience; they were exceedingly professional and fair.

Ambar is very patient!! She will explain every point very carefully, not wasting a single minute of class time to help you pass the exam, very much like a gentle sister. I recommend her 100%! Pakcan driving is the best!

I had driving lessons with another company and ended up failing my class 5 road test, I rebooked and chose to get my lessons from PAKCAN and I passed. The instructor is very genuine in seeing you succeed. In my opinion a very good driving school for anyone.

I did 2 lessons with Ambar and passed my N. I am extremely grateful!!!

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